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Case Study:

Extremely Old Man, Young Wife Former Army Military Medic

(Husband is Adulterer with a Huntsville City School Principal H. Scott Whose a Repeat Home-wrecker)

No home-wrecker laws in Alabama State - Beware where you marry!

Madison County, 2020

Huntsville, AL 35806

"I Don't Care if She DID Save My Life add Years to it And Kept Me Fulfilled. I Did Not Ask Her To. My retirement and everything I have is a premarital asset, including my house she has maintained for five years. She does everything for herself, so she gets nothing from me. She can stay at an extended stay. She's not Westin Hotel material."

Mr. R., 80 something Year Old Black Man in the South, Employed by Red-stone Arsenal | D A R P A Employee and Engineer Who has Constantly Fought the Government Monthly for Almost 30+ Years for a GS-14 Promotion He Never Earned. He was Married to a Women in her 40's that saved his life and assisted him with getting his cases to trial as well as countless other ways he did not care about, since he set sights on another woman a home wrecker and stayed on that path to the destruction of his own household.

This man is said to have tortured and raped his wife repeatedly in addition to physical abuse. He has had no accountability and has not answered to any of the crimes against his wife since in Alabama it is not a crime to rape one's wife. She was made to be homeless, until the judge came to her rescue and ordered well over $1,000 a month to assist her until the trial date.