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What You Don't Know

Could Break You!

If you want to learn how to protect yourself and gain

 "Divorce Super Powers" purchase your copy today!

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Waterside Women

Women's Empowerment Coaching

Be Empowered, therte is no other way to handle a divorce and to also leave with your sanity thereafter!

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Pre-divorce Coaching and Training Referral

(Real lawyers on staff to help you increase your odds of winning)​

Know your rights, get help today from real lawyers who know and understand your situation. Learn about FOIA's, how to prepare for subpoenas, and more!

Multi Ethnic Girls

Empowerment and Rebuilding of Self-Image Post Divorce

Be empowered once divorce papers and word of the mistress or the lover boy hits your household, followed by the community with a whole smear campaign against you and all you stand for. Do not let the losing spouse cause you to lose in court with a smear campaign. Learn how to protect yourself!

Divorce tends to make men and fathers richer, since his available income increases by around one third. Women on the other hand usually suffer severe financial penalties, especially if the man lies and claims abuse by the woman and she cannot prove it's not true. 


- beware marrying an older, much more experienced man, that has divorced previously -



Would you rather live...

HERE during your divorce?

Luxury Hotel, nice rental home, or a property you can afford to fix up nicely while divorcing, or


or HERE? With a family member or a Roach infested hotel? The way you prepare could determine where you live thhroughout the divorce process.

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Don't let your soon-to-be-husband or soon-to-be-ex-husband mess you over and ruin all you have saved, built, and created to date! Surprise him first with a prenup! Or at the very least ensure the outcome is your betterment in wealth or at least that you are made whole again, the way you were when you came into the relationship. Learn How By Becoming a Member Today!


Case Study: Older Man, Young Wife, He Is Adulterer

Madison County Circuit Court July, 2020

Huntsville, AL 35806

"I Don't Care if She DID Save My Life and Add Years to It And Kept Me Fulfilled. I Did Not Ask Her To. My retirement and everything I have was a premarital asset, including my house she has maintained for five years. She does everything for herself, so gets nothing from me."

Mr. A. R., 84 Year Old Redstone Arsenal DARPA Employee and Engineer Who Fights the Government for 30+ Years for a Promotion He Never Earned. Was Married to a Woman in her 40's that saved his life! But he tried to ruin her in the end. Learn how she prepared before he could ever get started. She is the inspiration for Divorce Super Powers for Women.

And no, not all men are the bad guys, there are some women out there too, hence our efforts toward Divorce Super Powers for "Good" Men. Coming Soon!